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How Long Is THC Detectable in Your System?

Many businesses in the United States conduct regular drug testing. It's important that you know how long cannabis remains in your body if you use it, whether for medicinal purposes or for recreational purposes.

This is not just for drug tests at work. You will also learn other useful information, such as the best time to get on the road and drive.

What is the common assumption?

A joint of marijuana will remain in your system for about 30 days. You're done after that. This is not entirely true. Many different factors are to be considered. Genetic factors do come into play here too. All of this makes the situation more complicated.

There's also the test itself. What is the test being used? Some tests are more reliable and have a wider detection window than others. You might think that you are clear after 30 day. Your boss may be using a much more extensive test.

What do the experts say?

Unfortunately, the advice of experts, professors and doctors can further cloud the issue. A associate Professor from Johns Hopkins University stated that there was no way to detect the disease. The number of variables that can affect the outcome is another factor.

There are some educated guesses which can be helpful.

Research on Cannabis staying in your system

The research results are inconsistent, which makes it difficult to determine how long a joint will stay in your system. Some of the most recent studies, such as a 2017 paper, suggested that the average window to detect the use of pre-rolls is about 3 days. As we will explain in greater detail, the frequency and regularity of your use is what determines this. This will lead to a longer detection window if you use more frequently and more consistently.

One of the most interesting studies was conducted in 1999. In this study, Willie Nelson level stoners were tested (those that admitted to having used more than 5000 time in their lives). Five of the 17 subjects were undetectable in the first week. Two more subjects were clean in the second week and another was clear by week three. The tests have improved significantly since then, and this sample was relatively small.

A 2005 study also found that, while longer detection windows than 30 days may be a reality, it is rare.

What are the differences between different types of drug tests?

Which drug test has the best window for detection is probably what you are most interested in. You should aim for urine testing. If you're an occasional smoker, the weed should be gone in three days. This estimate is for people who only smoke one pre-roll per week.

Smokers who smoke more than once a day or who have smoked a joint every week for a few weeks will not be able to clear their system in less than seven days.

Blood tests can detect cannabis up to one or two days after the last cigarette. Chronic use can extend this timeframe. You should also be aware that weed can still be detected in your blood minutes after smoking the joint.

These tests are rare, but some companies use them. Some companies use these tests, but they are very rare. Hair can be one of the most difficult to detect because, if done correctly, THC can remain in your system up to three month after usage! Hair testing has another problem. The results suggest it is highly unlikely that you will get a false-positive, so you may have difficulty disputing this point with your employer. In fact, a 2017 study found that 136 users tested positive. In the study, no nonusers tested positive.

Saliva works better when the window is between 1 and 29, depending on how it's used.

Factors that Impact Detection Times

Genetic variables are just one of the many factors which can affect detection times. Your metabolism, for example, will impact this. It's true that if you have a slow metabolism, weed products such as a joint can last much longer. If you find it difficult to lose weight, this could be an indication of a slow metabolism. A fast metabolism is characterized by weight loss or weight gain that is not frequent. The window for detection should be much shorter.

In addition to genetic factors like metabolism, the THC level of the joint you smoke is important. When checking if you've smoked a joint with these tests, they measure the THC level. Certain strains of marijuana contain more THC than others. In recent years, there is evidence to suggest that cannabis potency and levels of THC have increased. If you want to pass a drug test, you should choose a strain with low THC.

What about CBD?

CBD is a substance which is legal in every state and is increasingly popular. You can smoke it, eat an edible version or take a tincture. You may be worried that this will cause you to test for drugs. CBD is not the same as THC. CBD will not make you "high". It is still derived, however, from the cannabis plants.

While these tests are designed to detect the CBD metabolites, there is still a very small but distinct chance that you will test positive. This is because CBD has a very low THC level. If you test positive, it's usually possible to request a second testing. It is unlikely that the false positive will occur again.

Does it matter if you smoke a joint to test positive?

You may think you have to be the one to consume cannabis to test positive. This is not true. Studies have shown that being around cannabis users can cause you to test positively. In a 2015 study, the effects of secondhand smoke were examined in ventilated rooms and non-ventilated. In the unventilated room, several of the people tested positive for THC. Researchers concluded that this was a possibility, even though it is unlikely. If you're worried about a possible drug test coming up in the future and you're around smokers, you might want to leave. Employers will not accept the excuse "I was with people who were smoking".

How can you rid your body of signs that you have smoked a joint?

We need to consider whether we can get rid of the signs on our body that indicate that we have smoked a joint. Drinking a lot of water is a popular choice. This is an excellent choice, as it will increase the amount of urine and dilute the THC level. A high level of urine dilution may have a negative effect on the test. It may be necessary to retest you and the problem will start again.

You might also want to adapt to a more active life style. According to studies, burning fat releases more cannabinoids that are then eliminated from the body. Theoretically, this could lead to a wider detection window.

The answer to the question of how long an joint will stay in your body may not be as obvious as originally thought. There are many factors involved in this. There are ways to avoid the test but none are foolproof. Many of these methods will also prove ineffective. Does this mean you should stop using cannabis?

Some people may not consider this option if they believe cannabis has significant health benefits for them or if they use medicinal cannabis. Some people use cannabis for a better sleep or to deal with insomnia. Others use it to relax, and more people believe that it can help them be more productive.

It may be worth exploring your own career. Cannabis users should avoid careers that require them to be responsible for their own safety or others' safety. They should instead explore creative careers that will less likely involve cannabis testing. We've already discussed the changes in cannabis decisions for specific companies and states.

There are also many employers who will give their employees a lot of warnings before requiring them to take a drug test. For those looking to avoid any potential problems, these jobs may be a good option.

While testing is used to deter and make workplaces safer, it's not clear that the tests are effective. A report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that the effectiveness of workplace testing is not well-documented.

CBD may be the solution. CBD is a great option if you want to smoke a joint but don't need the high of THC. CBD can help you sleep better, relax and satisfy your cannabis cravings in a way which is unlikely to result in you testing positive for drugs.

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