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Washington, D.C. Recreational & Medical Dispensaries Near Me

Nirvana DC - Your Trusted Medical Dispensary Near Me in Washington, D.C.

For individuals seeking a dependable medical dispensary near me in Washington, DC, look no further than NirvanaDC. We are your neighborhood destination for high-quality medical cannabis products and a supportive environment where you can access the relief and care you need. 



Our wide range of options ensures that no matter your preference, we have something for you


Taste the Difference with delicious Edibles that pack a punch.


Unlock the flavor with Cartridges and Vapes made from lab tested oil.


Powerful Concentrates - Intense Flavors

Pure THC.

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Best sellers

Premium Shelf Flowers

Top shelf Flowers

Your Wellbeing is Our Priority

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NirvanaDC - A Range of Medical Solutions

NirvanaDC is committed to sourcing and offering only the finest medical cannabis products. Our selection is thoughtfully curated to cater to a wide array of medical conditions, offering various strains, products, and methods of consumption

Our experienced staff is dedicated to answering your questions, providing personalized recommendations, and ensuring your visit to Nirvana DC is supportive and informative. We believe that a well-informed patient can achieve the best possible outcomes with medical cannabis.

Dispensary near me - Visit Nirvana DC Today

Discover the potential of medical cannabis at Nirvana DC. We are conveniently located in Washington, DC, making it easy for you to access our range of medical products. The next time you search for a medical dispensary near me, remember that Nirvana DC is your local destination for premium medical cannabis products and a compassionate, supportive environment.

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Our Locations

1243 First St SE Washington, DC 20003

70 District Square SW Washington, DC 20024

1262 5th St NE Washington, DC 20002

371 Canal Rd NW Washington, DC 20007

401 L St NW Washington, DC 20001

1299 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20004

1101 Pennsylvania Ave. SE Washington, DC 20003

1843 7th St NW Washington, DC 20001

1111 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20036

760 Water St SW Washington, DC 20024

1603 7th St NWWashington, DC 20001

Phone: 202-300-3636

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